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For more than 25 years, Qualitetch have excelled in creating customer specific manufacturing solutions for precision etched components. Our experience and expertise in etching metals and providing manufacturing services to suit all needs has turned us into well-known and well-respected market leaders in the UK and on the worldwide stage.

This enviable reputation has been achieved through effective development and ongoing evolution, as well as the utilisation of our ever-expanding range of manufacturing services and the cultivation of our technical capabilities (listed below).

Our services are unparalleled, both in terms of quality and competence, which, combined with our can-do attitude and the passion we apply to each and every project, has made us the ultimate provider of metal component solutions.

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Chemical Etching Process

  The photo etch process is one of the most accurate methods of manufacturing parts and components for businesses and industries around the world. The process involves a systematic approach to ensure that your end products are as high quality as possible. From receiving the initial design brief, we will know exactly what our clients are expecting to receive, including material used, dimensions of the parts, volume, and any other su...

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Photo Chemical Etching

The Photo Chemical Acid Etching process is flexible, highly accurate and cost-effective at any volume. The photo etching process is known by many names, including chemical etching, acid etching and photo chemical machining (PCM). Utilising flat sheet metal to manufacture high quality and accurate parts and components for a variety of businesses and industries, Qualitetch offers only the very best service possible. As well as providing busines...

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Component Forming

Precision metal etched flat blanks that require subsequent metal forming operations can be processed in house in our dedicated form room. We have a number of fly and toggle presses as well as two 30 ton mechanical power presses, one 10 ton mechanical power press and one 7.5 ton hydraulic power press. Using our in-house tool-making facility Qualitetch have become a world leader for component manufacturing, we are able to design and produce simple ...

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EDM Wire Erosion

To compliment our manufacturing services of thin gauge components, we have developed wire erosion facilities to further our processing capabilities. Benefits of Wire Erosion Whilst chemical etching is an accurate method of manufacture, occasionally specified tolerances are smaller than the process capabilities. Extensive R & D has allowed us to develop a cost effective method of manufacturing thin gauge metal components using EDM ...

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CNC Machining Services

Computer Numerical Control or CNC Machining is a process of manufacturing metal components using various computer controlled tools. Qualitetch has an on-site tool room facility, which enables the manufacturing of form tools and machining for high specification components. We utilise several CAD CAM CNC machines, all of which offer five-axis CNC machining, as well as other associated machining equipment, such as spot drilling, lathe and ...

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Metal Stamping Services

  As UK leaders in the metal manufacturing industry, Qualitetch also offers a metal stamping service, dedicated to producing bespoke metal components. These metal stamping services are often more suited to volume work for parts once they are finalised for production, after the initial prototyping and low batch quantity stage. Like the other manufacturing processes we specialise in, our metal stamping service produces high-qual...

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Metal Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut through the material, and is typically used for industrial manufacturing applications. For some components, that may be unsuitable for photo etching, we are able to offer parts manufactured using CNC laser cutting techniques. The precision may be better than some traditional methods, as the laser beam does not wear during the manufacturing process. Components are processed using th...

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Plating & Finishing

Qualitetch  offers  a full range of high quality and technically advanced finishes including: Gold Silver (Bright, Semi Bright & Matt) Tin (Bright, Semi Bright & Matt) Electro Nickel Electroless Nickel Zinc & Black Passivate Copper Anodising (Various colours) Alocrom - Chromate conversion Cadmium Rhodium Palladium Passivation and many more, just ask our sales team for more details...

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Sheet Metal Enclosures

Qualitetch offer bespoke sheet metal enclosures and metal screening cans manufactured using a variety of process methods including, photo etching, metal stamping, CNC machining, wire erosion & laser cutting. Parts are available with maximum dimensions of 600mm x 600mm and thicknesses ranging from 0.05mm to 3.00mm. Qualitetch work with most metals, including: Nickel Silver, Mu Metal, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Be...

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Assembly Work

At Qualitetch, we have found over the years that more and more customers are looking to rationalise their supplier base and find vendors that can offer all services needed under one roof, rather than losing valuable manufacturing time sending parts to several key suppliers to receive components. Always on the front foot and pushing manufacturing techniques, Qualitetch have developed processes to ensure we can cope with these demands, and have...

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Metal Components

Here at Qualitetch, we offer an industry leading Photo Etching process, and we understand the need for flexibility when it comes to the materials that we use in this process. With such a vast range of industries utilising our services, we want our range of materials to reflect this. We create parts and components using various etching metals to suit your needs. Because of the highly accurate processes we utilise, we can manufacture almost ...

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Design for Manufacture Service

Qualitetch also offer a Design for Manufacture service that can work with your team and develop design solutions for a particular engineering problem. Qualitetch have a design team that has many years experience in working with companies on specific design solutions and are ready to aid with your needs. Alternatively, Qualitetch can advise on a particular process method that may also aid the cost of manufacturing production or we can be involv...

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  Always seeking to diversify into new markets, Qualitetch now offers a non-metallic presswork service and produces gaskets and other flat cut parts from materials such as Neoprene, Nebar or Klingersil to name a few. Our extensive supplier base means that if we do not stock the material you require, we can source it quickly and at a competitive cost. Parts are cut from the sheet using an impression knife tool on a fly press for a minima...

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General Tool-room Services

Qualitetch offers a full-service manufacturing process for parts and components. In addition to this, there are various general tool room services on offer, including grinding, polishing, heat treatments, spot-welding and welding, soldering, drilling and reaming. All of which are part of the many manufacturing solutions and processes that we provide. We utilise hand folding or dedicated hard tool forms to form components using the photo et...

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03 Jun 2016

Qualitetch acquires AS9100C aerospace accreditation

Qualitetch acquires AS9100C aerospace accreditation Qualitetch are very pleased to announce that following months of hard work and audits, our team have now achieved the prestigious AS9100C aerospace accreditation with NQA.  Qualitetch now becomes the first privately owned photo etching facility in the UK to be awarded this highly demanding standard. AS9100C is a single common quality management standard for the aviation, space and defence industries, ...

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13 Jan 2015

Latest News

Its a huge year here at Qualitetch in 2015 as we celebrate our 25th anniversary! As you can imagine we have seen many changes over this period, particularly with manufacturing equipment and processes. This said, we are about to receive the latest of our new machinery including a new state of the art Micro-Vu dimensional inspection equipment, with an inspection area of 500mm x 400mm. we also invested further in our metal preparation equipment, and will be s...

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13 Nov 2014

Qualitetch continues to offer FREE photo-tooling for both New & Existing parts!

Qualitetch continue to offer FREE photo-tooling artwork for both new and existing parts. At Qualitetch we believe that investing in artwork also invests in our customers future growth. This remains as part of our marketing strategy as we continue to invest in our growing customer base, offering the best value and leadtimes available within the marketplace. Contact us today with your enquiry.  ...

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Qualitetch in a Nutshell

Our white paper document, P.C.M. an overview, a copy of which can be downloaded HERE Photo chemical machining or P.C.M. is an engineering production technique used for the man...

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“We have used Qualitetch on many occasions for the manufacture of various prototype and production etched and formed parts.

At the initial quotation stage I have found them to respond very quickly and their understanding of my requirements has always been comprehensive. This, combined with their competitive price and leadtime, has made them a supplier of choice. Order shipments arrive well packaged and on time further reinforcing the positive experience and allows us to ship our parts on time. Their close attention to customer satisfaction reinforces their position as an ideal supply chain partner.”

- Paul G

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